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Get Facebook Birthday Notifications via SMS

After a long, I am here to post a new trick that will make your life easy and awesome. Some days before, I am using my Facebook and surfing around my event list, I came to know that I didn't wish my some closed friends on their birthdays. I found a simple hack to get rid of this problem.
There are some prerequisites that are needed to be setup before using this trick,
  • a Google account
  • a mobile number verified with Google Calendar
I assumed that you have setup the above prerequisites.

Steps to Follow

1. Sign-In to your Facebook account and open Events.
2. Right click on 'Birthdays' and 'Copy Link Location'.
Get Facebook Birthday Notifications via SMS

3. Now, Open your Google Calendar and Click on 'Add URL' from Other Calendars as shown below.
Get Facebook Birthday Notifications via SMS

4. Paste the URL copied from Facebook Events page.
5. Open Calendar settings(I renamed the Calendar name to Facebook Friends, it can be anything else for you).
Get Facebook Birthday Notifications via SMS

6. Now, click on 'Remainders and Notifications' and click on Add a remainder.
7. Select SMS and add time before which you want to get notified.
8. Click On Save and You're configured to get Notification via SMS.

Thanks for reading our tutorial, stay tuned for some more valuable tutorials.