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Feb 2, 2013

List of essential Software You need after Formatting System (PC/Laptop)

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List of essential Software You need after Formatting System (PC/Laptop)

Most of the articles about formatting computer just tells you ‘How to install operating system in your pc‘but you need to install some programs before using it. Here I am sharing a list of programs which are essential for a basic user. Here we go…….

1) Install Drivers :
After installing operating system, We have to install different types of drivers. Drivers needed to make a pool between hardware devices and operating system. We have to Install drivers for e.g. graphic card driver, sound card driver etc. All these drivers are available in motherboard’s c/d. While purchasing laptops, we do not get driver CD with package, so you can download laptop drivers by visiting laptop manufacturer’s website and download drivers for your model. Install all these drivers in your system.

2) Install Good Antivirus :
After installing drivers in your PC I recommend you to install a good antivirus at first step. If you are using internet on your PC it’s recommended that you have an antivirus with internet security. Reason behind installing antivirus first is that other programs files do not get infected if you install them later.

Now, your PC is ready to use but it’s recommended to install some more programs which helps us in our daily activities. These software’s are listed below:

1) CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burning software :

Burning software is a basic requirement for a PC. Burning software helps you to burn your files in CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc. The most recommended and easy to use burning software is Nero Burning Essentials (which generally included in CD package of Writer).

2) Installing Office management software :
Microsoft office contains 9 different software viz. MS word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Access, MS grove, MS one note, MS Info-path MS outlook and MS Publisher which helps us in daily tasks. It is also essential software for basic computing like, MS word helps us in creating documents, MS PowerPoint helps us in making slides etc. If you are not interested in buying MS Office you can try freeware Open Office.

download MS Office 2013 32-bit click here (trial version )

download MS Office 2013 64-bit click here (trial version )

you can download Open Office from here

3) Install Adobe Reader:

E books are the most reliable way of reading on computer. Thousands of eBooks are available on internet. Most of eBooks are available in PDF format and can be opened by Adobe Reader.

4) Install External device software’s:

Now, it’s time to install software’s for external devices such as Printer, Modem, Mobile, Net Setter Software etc. You need these software’s while performing daily tasks. So, I recommend you to install these software’s initially.

5) Install File Converting Software:

Normally,we use mobile, iPod's & palmtop for daily use, we need to convert video, MP3 and many more. So, its recommended that you should have a file converting software in your system. You can install Total Video Converter or format factory Software for doing this job.

These software’s are sufficient for a basic computing without internet but if you are a internet user, you should install 3 more software which helps you to surf and download files easily.

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1) Install Internet Browser:

Many people think that they don’t need a separate browser as internet explorer already gets installed while we install Windows in PC But we recommend you to install a separate browser because Internet Explorer is too slow. Using explorer is just like riding a bullock cart in a race of sport cars. We recommend you to install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox which provides you best surfing speed among all browsers.
For Downloading Google Chrome, Click Here
For Downloading Mozilla Firefox, Click Here

2) Download Internet Download Manager:

If you want to experience a really high download speed, I recommend you to install Internet Download Manager. It helps you to download videos on YouTube and other video websites. Internet download manager is paid software.

For downloading trail version of Internet Download Manager, click here.

3) Install Ccleaner:

C cleaner is a great tool for internet user. It helps to remove all temporary data that slow down your system. C cleaner is free software and I recommend you to install C cleaner in your system.
For downloading C cleaner, click here.

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