Yesterday morning, I was trying to book a Freedom 251 for me and one more for my friend but not able to book it, because there servers are getting too much of requests/sec. The main reason of getting this much of request is the cost factor. You can't even imagine to have internet bill less than Rs. 251. I don't know, Why ? and How ? they are selling it for that much less amount.
Coming to the point, As i told, the website is getting 6 lacs hit per second, so, with this much of traffic How would you be able to book it ?
Other than this, the website doesn't allow you to see suggestion box that can fill your form, if it is already available in your form history.
I tried to book it by 6 O'clock in the morning but got irritated writing complete form again and again. So, i decided to write a script that will fill the form on the go.


  • Firebug (browser extension available for chrome & firefox both.


  1.  Download Firebug.
  2. Open Freedom251 BUY NOW page.
  3. Open Firebug from right top .

  4. In firebug, open console and then open right command window.

  5.  Then, write the following jQuery code in command window and replace red characters with to your own.
    $('input[name="name"]').val('Alok Ghate');
    $('textarea[name="address"]').val('121, E- wing, Bandra');
    $('input[name="email"]').val('[email protected]');
    $('input[name="terms_and_conditions"]').prop('checked', true);

 6.  After pasting the jQuery code run it, it will automatically fill all the fields.
 7.  Finally click on Order Now.


Once you complete all these steps, you need not to fill the form again till your order is not placed. Every time, you open the Buy Now page, Run the command window option and hit Order Now.

Facebook recently launched a new feature to its newsfeed of playing Videos automatically i.e. without being clicked. It looks goods and feels something like newspapers of the movie Harry Potter. But sometimes it creates issue and people don’t want to play them for example when you were at a location having poor internet connectivity. So, here I sharing the way to disable that option:-

Step 1: Login to Your Facebook Account.

Step 2: Click the arrow located at the top right corner and go to ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Go the ‘Videos’ tab and Select ‘OFF’ in ‘Auto –Play Videos’ option.

Suggestion are highly appreciated
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DriveTheLife:Driver Updater Review

Hi, today I am going to review DriveTheLife. DriveTheLife is a free driver update software which offers a pretty simple and easy to use interface for updating system drivers and one even having very basic knowledge about computers could use it without any difficulty. It is very lightweight having size of approx. 8Mb., requires space of 26Mb and consumes around 28 Mb of RAM, which is very low and will not affect performance of your pc in any way.

DriveTheLife:Driver Updater Review

Initially, it asks to scan and create a Backup before installing a driver in the event something goes wrong with the installation.

DriveTheLife:Driver Updater Review

Next menu offers you to scan, download and install the driver updates. Before you install a driver, you could compare the new driver version with the currently installed driver and you could also evaluate size of update, which is helpful. The best thing is it's compatible with all versions of Windows(including windows 10) and makes updating drivers simple.

DriveTheLife:Driver Updater Review

DriveTheLife will also prove helpful in case of installing a network printer on your pc. For which you have to search compatible drivers for your printer manually. Using DriveTheLife you could install network printer on your pc in just 2 simple steps. Additionally, you also have an update drivers of other connected devices (webcam, usb mouse etc.).

Recommendations by The Infotech Blog:

DriveTheLife is a good software for driver update but I faced some issues while reviewing which will be probably fixed in upcoming update. They are as under:- 
1. I noticed is that the software do not have resume capability and download fails if any interruption occurs during download. I feel it's importance while I am trying to downloading touchpad and display driver having size of around 175 Mb each under poor network condition. My download failed after 100Mb twice, which make me feel that it should have this feature.
2. It should display the issues that will be solved after having update, so that user may understand need and install necessary updates. 
3. Software should have Automatic option too whereby the program scans for required updates automatically download and install necessary drivers without requiring any input from user.

DriveTheLife is still very good and easy to use software but it would be best and highly recommended if it would be able to trace the above issues.

How To Enable Offline Webpage Reading Mode in Google Chrome

Many a time I want to surf webpages I recently surfed, But as we all know even in today's lightning fast life, we do not get internet connectivity everywhere. We need to open some previously opened pages, but when we try to open it again by going through history, it need internet connectivity again. Why is it so? Actually it is default feature of Google Chrome that it do not save complete cache data of webpage, So, we need internet each time we want to open a webpage. Unfortunately, there is no option by default in Google Chrome Settings to enable such a feature. However, by using the amazing trick which I am sharing with you, you could easily activate such feature in you Chrome. It's just a 2 step away,
1. Open Google Chrome and type chrome://flags/#enable-offline-mode in address bar and press ENTER.

How To Enable Offline Webpage Reading Mode in Google Chrome

2.Find Enable Offline Cache Mode and click on Enable option there under.

Thereafter, you just need to restart your Chrome Browser. Now, you can enjoy your recent webpages without internet connectivity. To use this feature, just open important webpages when you have internet connectivity and read it Any-time Anywhere whether you have internet connectivity or not. You can use this feature in Flights areas where Internet is restricted. Use this feature and save your precious time.

Any Comments or Suggestions are appreciated
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